Nowadays, the world is becoming more and more digital, with much of our work and play migrating to the world of software. This is especially true in the medical world, where old-school doctors who cut their teeth on writing prescriptions out on pads are now discovering the convenience of electronically prescribing patients their medicine. Using e prescribing software, they are revolutionizing how doctor’s offices and pharmacies alike are handling getting medicine to their patients.

How do these electronic prescriptions actually work, though? Well, it is actually fairly straightforward to understand.

The Process of an Electronic Prescription

When you visit the doctor, you’ll go through the usual steps of telling your physician your symptoms, he or she will attempt to diagnose the issue, and then the doctor will determine whether or not you need medicine. If your doctor thinks a prescription is in order for you, he or she will hop on the computer, type in the name of a medication, and select it.

e prescribing software

Once the doctor has selected the medicine from the software’s menu, he or she is able to submit it instantly to your pharmacy of choice, where the pharmacy staff can immediately begin working on filling the prescription for you. You don’t have to deal with carrying a medical printout to the pharmacy, and the pharmacy staff doesn’t have to worry about paper records and faxes coming in from the doctor’s office.

Once your prescription has been sent from the doctor’s office to the pharmacy, all you have to do is make your way to the pharmacy, let the staff know your name, and your medicine should be ready to go. Electronic prescription software has really made the whole process of prescribing and filling medications much easier on the doctor’s offices and pharmacies around the world, as well as made the whole process much more streamlined and convenient for patients.