Once you make a bond from jail and are free, there are many things to keep in mind to ensure the best outcome in your criminal case. Knowing the right things to do while out on bond makes a big difference in the overall matter.

While out on bond, continue doing things you normally would do, like going to work and paying your rent. Fulfilling your essential duties reduces potential consequences that some people experience after an arrest.

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Learn your court date and time. It is mandatory that you appear in court at this time. Failure to appear is a crime and will result in re-arrest. If you’ve used bailbonds Vista, your bond is revoked until another court date and time. Acme Bail Bonds and other bonding companies assume you do not intend to comply with the order and issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Keep in mind that some bonding agencies require you to regularly check in while out on bond. This may be in person or via telephone. This is required in some, but not every, criminal case. Abide by this order if it is part of your release agreement. Failure to comply with any requests can result in re-arrest.

If it is not a requirement of your bail bond, remember that your bail bond agent is available if you need them. They’ll happily answer questions and give you the best guidance possible, although they cannot refer you to an attorney or provide any type of legal advice.

Talk to an attorney while out on bond. The legal guidance an attorney offers can make a big difference in the outcome of the case. They make all legal matters much easier because they know laws and how to handle the case.